Welcome to the (urban) jungle!

It's a pretty big moment here at Domus Botanica HQ, after months of planning and many late nights our website is finally live. It feels like the perfect opportunity to do a little welcome post to kick things off. It's no secret that having indoor plants in our lives, whether at home or work, is good for us. From helping to keep the air free from toxins to encouraging wellbeing, here at Domus Botanica we are spreading our love for indoor plants one fiddle leaf fig at a time.
One of the biggest things we hear is that people love plants but are convinced that their thumbs are black to the core. Let's face it, we've all bought a plant with the best of intentions only to remember it a month later fighting for it's life in a dark corner of the house. One thing we're certain of though is that there is an indoor plant for everyone, and the key is choosing the right one to suit your space and lifestyle. 
The clever folk at the fix put together this little infographic to help you find your perfect green companion, so get picking...

Source: Fix.com